Lunchtime Work-in-Progress Seminar

The Library at the English Convent, Bruges. Photograph by Caroline Bowden.

The Lunchtime Seminar is a friendly place for established and emerging scholars with interests in religion and literature including sacred texts and objects, theoretical writing about religion, the practices of domestic devotion, and religious writing, publishing, and reading to meet and discuss ideas. Researchers from QMUL and beyond are welcome. Please feel free to bring your lunch.


2017-2018 Programme

Time: 12.30-1.30pm

Place: QMUL, Mile End Campus, ArtsTwo, 2.18 (see below for travel instructions)


24 January     Tessa Whitehouse (QMUL, English), ‘Friendship across denominations: Editing the letters of Sally Wesley and Mercy Doddridge’


31 January      Emma Salgard-Cunha (Cambridge, Divinity), ‘Bad Feelings: Disowning the Affections in the Early Methodist Hymn’


7 February     Peter Howarth (QMUL, English), reading group on festivals


7 March          Ceri Law (Cambridge/QMUL History), ‘Sermons, Autobiography and Memory in early modern England’ RESCHEDULED TO SPRING 2019


14 March        Revd. Richard Harries (KCL, Theology), ‘Emily Dickinson: A Smouldering Volcano’ RESCHEDULED TO AUTUMN 2018


Travel instructions: Central Line or District Line to Mile End. Exit tube station, turn left down Mile End Road, cross Burdett Road, go under the Mile End Green Bridge (a large yellow bridge), over the canal, cross the road.

ArtsOne is directly opposite, just past the Westfield Way gates. Enter Arts One through the main doors on Mile End Road and take the stairs (immediately on the left, through a door).

For Laws, enter campus through the East Gate onto Westfield Way, then turn left immediately after ArtsOne: Laws is the next building (NB: the entrance to Laws is not on Mile End Road)

For ArtsTwo, enter campus through the East Gate onto Westfield Way, then turn left immediately after ArtsOne and walk past the Novo Cemetery; ArtsTwo is on your left (it is 35 on the campus map. NB: the entrance to ArtsTwo is not on Mile End Road).


Please contact Tessa Whitehouse, Director of QMCRLE, with any queries